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Sunday, August 28, 2005

UP Mac Users Unite

Check this out!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Wireless IT Network Seminar

Kenneth Talamayan and I attended a seminar on wireless IT network conducted by JICA.net. It was a good introduction for those with no background about the topic. However, since Kenneth and I attended the course on Mobile Programming in South Korea, it simply served as an update course. The materials were good but the way the presentation was conducted was not. Instead of projecting the presentation and showing on the smaller display the Philippine participants, it was the other way around - not good for those with vision that are not 20/20. =( Anyway, I could use what I’ve learned to update my CS 174 materials. =)

It was Kenneth’s first time to take the MRT and go around commuting. Hehe.. he was funny! Peace Kenneth! ;P

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sanjay's Birthday Bash

Last August 7 (Sunday), Sanjay celebrated his 25th birthday in advance.
His mom prepared lots of delicious food which was good for 30 people that's why instead of having just a lunch party, it was extended up to dinner.

The day was full of activities like playing billiards, playstation, karaoke and a lot of chit chat. His father also sang and played his guitar.


The guests

The food

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Congratulations Riza and Angel for winning....$$$(katching!)

Congratulations Riza and Angel for winning the "Call for Convergence: The telic VoiceXML Challenge".

The contest was sponsored by Telic Communications, Inc. and promised a prize of $2000 for the winning team.

Here are some details of their project:

UP Diliman Voice-enabled Visitor's Guide
Developed by:
Riza Theresa B. Batista
Angel B. Calayag
About the project:

The University of the Philippines Diliman Voice-Enabled Visitor's Guide provides a convenient way to effectively find directions within the UP Diliman campus using automated and interactive voice responses to user's queries. The voice application prompts the user for his/her mode of transportation, proximity, point of origin and destination and then dictates specific directions for going from the originto the destination in the most optimal way possible.

CS 175 Mock Competition epilogue

Basically, no more posts after the blackout, and we check the unuploaded solution - no good. 33 submissions, 7 solutions, max of 4 for one team. I hate interruptions of the type that makes things unfair and undoable.

CS 175 First Mock Competition

Today is the first Mock Competition in CS 175, where we will see if the students have learned enough to get by. This will also gauge competition readiness for Ateneo less than three months away. Much as there is anticipation, there is anxiety. This is also 25% of their grades. Will they make it? What will happen? Stay tuned.

9:24 AM (247 minutes remain) Three clarifications. Not much else. We're hoping for an average of four correct solutions.

10:18 AM (193 minutes remain) After a flurry of submissions, one correct solution. For a medium difficulty problem.

10:21 AM (190 minutes remain) Another correct solution, for an easy problem, this time. Output format problems, though.

10:42 AM (170 minutes remain) Opened the Tortillos. Still waiting. No Slurpys.

11:02 AM (150 minutes remain) Halfway through. Slurpys solved. :)

11:23 AM (128 minutes remain) Another flurry of submissions, slightly harder problem, without success. An important part of competition performance is determining the easiest problems and the hardest problems. The judges always want to make it hard to make that distinction.

11:27 AM (124 minutes remain) Two correct solutions, two different problems, two different teams. One breezed easy, the other outputting to screen instead of file. Tsk tsk.

11:34 AM (118 minutes remain) They may have just figured it out. Oh, they did.

11:37 AM (115 minutes remain) I guess they did.

11:52 AM (99 minutes remain) Another flurry of submissions. Hmmmm... at least people can shift gears when they need to. Don't smash your head against the same wall over and over.

11:56 AM (95 minutes remain) ... And it also pays to revisit problems which were seemingly unsolvable for several tries after fresh insight.

12:32 PM (60 minutes remain) Inet went down. One hard solution. Test data was wrong for that set.

12:47 PM (45 minutes remain) 45 minutes. One team at expected, most teams below. Can they catch up?

1:12 PM (20 minutes remain) All's quiet and not all's well.

1:14 PM (18 minutes remain) Spoke too soon. Light goes out in NEC. Two teams' PCs die. (No UPS)

1:21 PM (11 minutes remain) One team's PC dies, before uploading submission. Will check after.

1:32 PM (0 minutes remain)