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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Time to re-evaluate

Photo by Mike Burns
I do not know if it is unique to UP Diliman because we have been blessed with being on the top 5 most in-demand degree programs from UPCAT applicants, whilst other universities are experiencing a decline in Computer Science enrollment.

That being said, however, I think that we need to research as to where our graduates are going after completing the degree -- how many go into further studies and how many work as software engineers? If there are more software engineers, are they properly equipped when they leave the academe? If not, why? Is there something wrong with the programme?

Just some questions that I think should be answered... really soon.

(image by Mike Burns)

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What have I done?!

Learning new technology
Well, with the exception of Prof. Rebecca Ong, these faculty members are Mac users. From far left, JP Petines (Macbook), Joyce Avestro (Powerbook) and Florence Balagtas (Powerbook). As of today, we also have Mario Carreon (Macbook), Rowena Solamo (Macbook), Riza Batista (Powerbook) and the latest of the lot, Pros Naval (Macbook). I think the Computer Science department has the best Mac:faculty ratio compared to the other departments in UP. Cool, huh?

Unfortunately, students are limited to clones that are only capable of running Windows and Linux (or Solaris - I wish!) and not Mac OS X. Would have been great if Macs are in the labs, right? Imagine the possibilites... :)

How about you? When are you switching?

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Monday, February 26, 2007

New Alumni Board Members

Congratulations to the newly elected board members of the UP Diliman Computer Science Alumni Association!

(in alphabetical order)

Carreon, Mario T.
Macatulad, Maria Lourdes G.
Mijares, Christia Enriquez
Olpoc, Ma. Christina C.
Ortega, Maria Louwela C.
Putong, Arnold M.
Rosales, Criselda Angelina S.
Sarmiento, Linda II M.
Sepulveda, Michael James O.
Vergel de Dios, Jose Timoteo S.

Friday, February 23, 2007

JavaOne 2007 Update

Check out - Advocrazy and JEDI Project blog for details.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Alumni Homecoming: Ticket

For bulk ticket orders, please contact rebecca dot ong at gmail.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Alumni Homecoming: Call for Presentations (Edited)

As part of the homecoming, we are calling for alumni groups (batch, company, barkada) to prepare a short presentation for the tribute. It could be a five-minute video presentation or a live performance. If interested, please contact the head of the program committee, Ms. Florence Balagtas, at ftbalagt at gmail on or before the 10th of February 2007.

Alumni Homecoming: Tickets

If tickets are purchased within the month, you just have to pay 500 pesos (discount of 100PhP). Come February, it will be sold at its regular price of 600PhP. A CS shirt is included in the homecoming fee. The figures below illustrate how the shirts will look like. However, alumni will have either white or blue ones.

Purchase of tickets can be via:

(1) Direct payment to Mila Ramos at the CS Department, or
(2) Bank deposit to Philippine National Bank (Please email homecoming dot register at updcsaa dot com for bank account details)

Upon availability, tickets may be claimed from Mila Ramos during office hours at the CS Department. Alternatively, you can get it on the homecoming itself. In any case, you need to show the receipt for option (1) and deposit slip containing the transaction number
for option (2).

CS Royale: UP DCS Grand Alumni Homecoming

The Department of Computer Science in UP Diliman is celebrating its 26th Anniversary and as part of the celebration, the first-ever grand alumni homecoming entitled "CS Royale" will be held on February 24, 2007, at 2:30 pm in its new home, the College of Engineering Library and Computer Science building. It is the highlight of this year's Computer Science Week celebration on February 19-24.

Through the years, the department has made several BPI Science and P&G Excellence awardees, a few Outstanding Engineering Faculty Members, a number of Undergraduate Research Competition winners, and a curriculum that is always adjusted to adapt to the dynamic field it is in and to contribute to the university’s principle of honoring excellence.

With annual freshmen orientation, a number of department-sponsored events and competitions, Mentoring Program for Freshmen, GeeCS for academic-related events, and 22 CS Weeks so far, it surely has activities for the well-roundedness of the students.

Also, being in a dynamic field, the department has gone through vast changes: from ES to ECS to CS, from a few lecture rooms to a new building, from "the youngest department" to "one of the best departments" and from paper submission of academic requirements to online, instantaneous submission. This shows that it has gone through transformations, and in every step of the way, a CS student has contributed to its advancement.

If you were a part of the CS Department, no matter what period or contribution you have made, your Department is inviting you to be home once again. Witness how it has grown, better yet, be a part of it.

For registration inquiries and ticket reservation, email homecoming.register@updcsaa.com. For direct ticket purchases, visit the CS Department at Rm 219 Melchor Hall, College of Engineering and look for Ms. Mila Ramos.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The First CS CWTS Community Work

Last November 25, the TPACK (Team for Proficient Allies in Computer Knowledge) group had their first computer literacy training class at Parang High School in Marikina. The laboratory was equipped with 15 computers. The first year high school students have to share computers in order for us to accommodate them in the class.

These are some of the things our CWTS student teachers have to say:

"At first I was a bit anxious and nervous on what kind of students are we going to deal with. But after meeting the kids, I felt relieved. All those warm greetings and friendly faces made it possible for us to feel lax dealing with them. It was hard to impose control over the class. Whenever they’re in a hands-on activity, the noise starts to aggravate."

"As a teacher, I learned the value of good communication for better knowledge absorption of the students. Questioning these students from time to time were
necessary in order for me to evaluate if they were really paying attention or not. I also learned the value of patience and understanding, proper control of my temper and the true value of our group."

"As a teacher, I learned that the cooperation and interaction among the students and I is a very important factor for the said training to be successful. And this is what I think : although I find them cooperative, I think that there is a factor that needs to be further developed for the improvement of the training .With regards to me, as the facilitator of the learning process in that particular group of students, I know that my preparedness for every meeting is very necessary. I know that I should have more strategies to serve my students the knowledge they need to know."

Last December 2, the FASTFOOD (The group members names all had something to do with fastfood - Wendy (s), Carl(s Jr), (Jolli)Bee, Alan(?), Edison(?)) group also had their first day of teaching at Concepcion Integrated High School in Marikina. There were only 4 computers at that school, that's why we only had 10 participants who were all first year high school students.

Here are the things that some members of the FASTFOOD group have to say:

"It was tiring but really fulfilling. It was also a bit alarming that most of them haven't seen computers before."

"...I still had a great time because I was able to grasp their eagerness to learn. They were ready to learn and maybe they were just not given the chance. I was
able to realize how gifted we are. I guess, one of the weaknesses we had was expecting so much from them and I think we could improve our teaching strategy if we will not be overtly technical in defining concepts since they new little about computers."