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Monday, September 26, 2005

DCS Faculty Sem Ender Gimik

Last September 23, the DCS faculty had their sem-ender “gimik” at Eastwood Libis. This was to celebrate Kenneth’s successful thesis proposal defense and despedida for Maam Susan and Sir Cedric.

Ken treated us to “Something fishy” and after that we went bowling.

Game Report:
Kikoys vs. Geniuses -> Kikoys won
Kulits vs. Shy -> Shy won
A.Kikoys&Kulits vs. B.Shy&Geniuses -> B won

Friday, September 16, 2005

Y4IT 2005

Kenneth found a new friend, Abigail. Actually, Kenneth was just looking for a spare seat since there were no seats left at the DCS/DCSF booth, right Ken?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Chancellor's Birthday

Chancellor Cao listening to UP Staff Chorale:

Bibbo Leng =)

Dr. Matias singing "Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin":

Sweet naman....

Sweet din... hehe...

Kenneth in Korea (by Kenneth)

Excellent Record Awards

Throughout the duration of the course, the class was given lectures and demonstrations regarding different technology trends. This included Korea's IT environment such as the IT839 strategy, mobile internet business, ubiquitous IT industry and policy, mobile business and mobile government. It also included technical topics such as security and certification, mobile communication protocol, mobile networking, mobile terminal, software and hardware architectures, databases, mobile sound and imaging technologies. It also included hands-on lectures such as C, Java, JSP, WAP, J2ME, MIDP, and WIPI. Hands-on and conceptual exams were given each week regarding these topics. Having the highest total mark in exam scores, I was given the excellent records award.

Mobile Project Award

During the last two weeks of the course, the mobile engineering class was divided into four groups. Each group has to create a mobile project. The first two groups created mobile user interface programs using ASP for the Mobile Home Networking System provided by KADO. The third team also created a website using ASP for the Mobile Blog System provided by KADO. The last team, on the other hand, fully designed and developed a mobile game using WIPI 2.0. Being the leader of the team and being in charge of the design and coding of the mobile game, I was given the best "mobile project contributor" award.

Most Distinguished Award

The International Cooperation Project for IT Seminar was held during the second week of July. In this project, each team representing each country had to generate a 60 to 100-page paper report and a 30 to 60-slide presentation corresponding to the report. Each paper presents a comprehensive report on the current ICT status of each country. This included country profiles, industry status both private and government sectors, telecommunication status, government ICT policies, and international cooperation strategies. Team Philippines was assigned to lead all groups in the IT Seminar both in document output and presentation. Thus, the most distinguished award was given to us being received by a Philippine delegate.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

DCS at the Investiture of the 8th Chancellor of UPD


I am wondering why only a handful of students attend the dialogue considering that we have more than 500 undergraduate students, right? Maybe next time we should serve merienda and lunch or maybe we can raffle off a CS jacket or a date with our single faculty members? hehehe...