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Thursday, June 30, 2005

JEDI celebrates Duke's 10th birthday

The JEDI Masters attended this Java Community party last night.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Queuing up for breakfast

Queuing up for breakfast
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Just like in pre-CRS UP, UP delegates to JavaOne '05 queue up for free continental breakfast.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Still working, promise...

Don't bother me
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Yes, believe it or not, this is part of the JEDI project.


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JP enjoying the Annual Gay and Lesbian Parade.

New Mac Geniuses?

Learning new technology
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Well, it won't take long til one of these folks will be certified as an Apple Genius. Look how they are starting -- using kids software. :) Let's start 'em early.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

UP Alliance of Computer Science Organizations (UP CS NETWORK)


The CS Network serves as an intermediate level between the department and the organizations/students, and a venue to convene and share ideas among organizations. It gives support to activities if what is asked will not exceed the capabilities/limitations of the department. It is open to any organization/student that/who is willing to help the department and/or college in any way.


  • To coordinate/mediate the activities of the students/organizations.
  • To improve information dissemination.
  • To ensure a systematic scheduling delegation of similar activities for department-related events.
  • To promote harmonious working relationship.
  • To support activities that promotes well-roundedness of the students.
  • To document every activity made.


  • All projects of the Department and the ESC shall go through the CS Network if the CS students are the stakeholders.
  • An organization is required to present their department-related activities to the CS Network. An activity is department-related if the name “Department of Computer Science” is mentioned in the event or it supports the initiatives of the department.
  • An organization is not required to present their non-department-related activities to the CS Network. However, they are requested to submit a post-documentation of their project for the Engineering League of Excellence Merits (ELEM).
  • When two (2) or more NEW and same activities are presented in the Network, a First-Come-First-Served Basis is implemented. Established events are considered PROTECTED and are not subject to this rule.
  • All activities that will go through the CS Network must submit a pre-documentation and post-documentation. The template for the documentations is uploaded in the CS Network mailing list.
  • All minutes of the meeting must be forwarded to each organization’s mailing list unless specified otherwise.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

UP Team Dominates ImagineCup 2005 Philippine Finals by TJ Vergel de Dios

*What is the Imagine Cup?
ImagineCup is an annual programming competition for students. It is run by Microsoft and is open to all undergraduate students studying at any university in the Philippines. This worldwide contest is now on its third year. The competition highlights some of the best student developers in the country.

*Contestants from UP Diliman
Two teams from the University of the Philippines, Diliman joined the competition. All eight team members are graduating students from the Department of Computer Science. This is the first time UP participated in this event.

The theme for this year's competition is "Imagine a world where technology dissolves the boundaries between us." UPTeam1 (iSchool) developed an entry inspired by UP's UVLE. UPTeam2 (Vulcan) developed a customizable web service based on Stanley Milgram's Six Degrees of Separation theory.

*IC2005 Local Finals
The ImagineCup Philippine Finals was held at the Eugenio Lopez training facility in Antipolo last June 7 and 8. Three teams made it to the finals, two from UP Diliman and one from Ateneo de Manila University (last year’s winner). After one day of team building and preparations, and another day for project presentations and judging, the judges have declared the final rankings. UPTeam2’s presentation bested all the other teams. The second place was awarded to Ateneo, followed closely by UPTeam1.

*IC2005 Team Philippines
The UP team will represent the Philippines in the world finals. The group now comprises of: Jon Eric Cantos, Kristina Jane Baylon, Sarah Kristine Roxas, Rhea Therese Lucas, TJ Vergel de Dios (coach).

*IC2005 World Finals
The ImagineCup 2005 World Finals will be held in Yokohoma, Japan on July 27 to August 1 where over 30 countries will compete. The Philippine team is currently enhancing their project and presentation skills. They are looking forward to compete and win in the finals and bring home pride for the country and UP Diliman.

UP Student Org Beats First World Universities By Phillip Kimpo II (http://kimpo.uplug.org)

Yes, the Filipino can.

A student organization based in UP Diliman’s Department of Computer Science (DCS) bested 750 chapters worldwide -- many of them from the US -- by winning the recently concluded Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) 2004-2005 Student Chapter Excellence Awards.

The Association for Computing Machinery - University of the Philippines Student Chapter (UP ACM), the first and only Filipino ACM chapter, bagged two out of the five categories, Best Community Service and Best Recruitment Program. UP ACM won 500 US dollars for each award.

Founded in 1947, ACM is world’s oldest and largest educational and scientific computing society. ACM’s student chapters are spread worldwide over 500 colleges and universities.

The Chapter Excellence Awards are given yearly to the chapters with outstanding Activities, Website, Recruitment Program, Community Service, and School Service.

Last year’s batch of winners were five North American chapters. This year saw the Philippines barging into the prestigious circle, winning not only the usual single category, but two.

The other three winners were from the University of Kansas (Activities), University of Texas at Austin (Website), and Dalhousie University (School Service).

UP ACM, founded in 2003 with DCS instructor JP Petines as its chairman, joined the Chapter Excellence contest for only the first time. It boasts of over 90 members, with DCS Professor Rommel Feria as the chapter sponsor and Ardee Aram as its present chair.

Community Service That Matters

While UP ACM was able to bag the Best Recruitment Program award through the phenomenal increase in its member population (jumping from roughly a dozen to 90 in just one semester), winning the Best Community Service award was entirely another matter.

It did not lie with quantity; it was the quality of service rendered which ultimately won the distinction.

With last year’s Best Community Service award won by a US chapter donating a batch of computers to a middle school, UP ACM decided to go on another track. It believed in the power of imparting knowledge, not material objects.

In its winning essay submitted to ACM, the Filipino chapter stated:

It has oft been said that when you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, but when you teach him how to fish, you feed him for life. This axiom is especially pertinent for a Third World country such as the Philippines, where some of the more expensive physical resources, i.e., computers, are luxuries. These tangible assets must give way to an intangible one --knowledge. In our country, knowledge is of the utmost value -- it has no price tag, but it is priceless. It does not crash, it does not break down, and it will serve you for life. Practicality dictates that in lieu of supplying people with computers, we must educate them about these machines. And who better to educate than youth, on whom hopes of the nation are pinned?

Thus UP ACM held a computer literacy outreach program for the children of Barangay UP Diliman last April 2005 in one of the DCS’ computer laboratories. Sixty children from underprivileged families attended the two-day event.

Related Links:

ACM Student Chapter Homepage; http://acm.org/chapters/stu/
ACM Int’l Home; http://acm.org/
UP ACM Official Website; http://www.upacm.org/
UP ACM Summer Computer Literacy Outreach Program; http://upacm.org/activities/sclop.jsp
UP Diliman Department of Computer Science; http://engg.upd.edu.ph/cs

Thursday, June 09, 2005

And another switcher!

Welcome Small Dipper! Sorry but I do not know what Florence's iBook's name is nor do I know Riza's powerbook's name. :) Anyway, have fun using your new toy, Joyce. Just be sure that you run Software Update regularly to keep your system secure. However, make sure that you 'Repair Permissions' before and after doing an update.

Some other tips:
1. Use your battery at least once a month. Recondition the battery every few months.
2. Disable automatic user login.
3. Run 'sudo visudo' and add 'Defaults:ALL timestamp_timeout=0' to disable the sudo insecure root grace period. This will require you to enter your password everytime you invoke 'sudo'. By default, it gives you a grace period of x minutes after entering your password.
4. Enable tabbed browsing on Safari and enable pop-up blocking. You may download Firefox or Camino (Mozilla browser for Mac only).

Let's have a Mac Meet one of these days... :)

Monday, June 06, 2005

Our Wikipedia Entry

I just installed a wikipedia dashboard widget on my Mac and fired it up to test it. I tried University of the Philippines and found an entry there with links to different colleges and departments. Then it hit me - there is no entry for our department! Yes, I just spent 10 minutes creating an account and creating an entry for our department. Maybe the others can start filling it up with more useful information. Feel free to change it.

Remember that wikipedia gets a lot of traffic - we should ensure that our information is up-to-date. I know that this is not easy but hey, it is better than not having an entry there, right?